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If you’re offended by profanity, it is advised to exit this site and NEVER return.

If not, and you want to TRANSFORM your relationship with ANXIETY, it is advised to keep reading.


My name is Emma & I'm going to show you how truly amazing, beautiful and abundantly capable you truly are from the inside out.

I hid so much of my pain that it led to debilitating and exhausting anxiety, panic attacks and depression. I was in a constant state of chaos mind, body and soul… 24/7.

I thought this was the best it gets for me. I thought this was just who I was; weak, sensitive, fearful with a devastatingly low self worth. To be honest I thought I was a complete nut job! It was not until I had a complete break down, where I almost lost it all, that I had a break through.


I was just like you. I have googled it all, read the books, listened to the podcasts, watched all of YouTube, tried a little voodoo, and spoke to a few therapists. But for some reason, My anxiety still triumphed. And I was terrified this will always be the way!


I found the magic formula (not that magical at all really). I finally came to a realization that I had been my own road block for my entire life. I could finally see where I went wrong and I discovered EXACTLY what I needed to do to get it RIGHT!

Wherever you go, whatever you do, the mind travels with you. Unfortunately, anxiety doesn’t just disappear. I waited years for this to happen, but it just got worse. However severe, you can drastically improve your quality of life. The sooner you address yours the better.

Anxiety is a mind-fuck-field. Here, you'll learn how to, well, fuck it, I guess?

Consider this "personal development" tailored to the anxious mind. No glorification of perfection. No glorification of busy.

What you get is an honest, raw, some say humorous, often vulgar approach to anxiety in the name of a good life. Not usually one to toot my own horn, but I would have jumped around my house, screaming from the roof top with excitement if I stumbled upon this in 2001 when my anxiety first hit me like a BOMB HAD JUST GONE OFF IN MY HEAD!

Not because it's revolutionary. Because it's practical and relatable. The focus is on getting better ASAP without dancing around the cause.

My online coaching programs are packs everything I wish someone taught me 13 years ago with full life time access for your convenience. You can literally save yourself years of life and thousands of wasted pounds as a result. What more could you want?

Are you seeking freedom from anxiety?

Great, because I'm on a mission to help you find that freedom and support you on your journey to better health.

An educated guess would tell me the help you've received thus far — if any — hasn't helped. In fact, it's probably made things worse.

I get it because I used to be in a similar situation. Yep, anxiety, panic attacks, a bit of OCD and the associated depression crippled me for years.

I'm sure you hate the fact that it's come to this, because who wants to spend their time searching for a solution to anxiety, especially when you've goals you want to accomplish and a life you want to live?!

I want you to know - None of this is your fault.

It's a full-blown epidemic that's only getting worse with catastrophic consequences.

I want to help you change your life today because I know I can, and in doing so, you can go on and help someone tomorrow.

These programs are created by a recovering anxious person to ensure others suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, and the associated depression no longer have to waste years of their life agonizing for a cure that doesn't exist.

You already have the cure because you are the cure. All you need is a little guidance and support to help you better understand yourself so you can address it at the core and implement the tools that will aid you in greatly reducing anxiety in your life. That doesn't sound so bad, right?

We all know stress causes disease. And knowing that causes more stress. All of this becomes a vicious cycle that appears to be never-ending.

But it can and will end. You just need to disrupt your current thought patterns.

These program takes a hybrid approach to help you drastically improve your relationship with anxiety and improve your overall health so you can get out there and start living your best life.

You're already in the midst of what will probably be the most daunting challenge you'll ever face.

I could put forward an argument that climbing Everest would be easier, and you wouldn't do that alone, so why would you do this alone?

With the right support, you'll be shocked by just how quickly you can turn your life around.

I'm going to make it as easy for you as I possibly can, but I need you with me. And I need you to trust me when I tell you that if you sit with this and hope for it to go away, it will only get worse.

There is no shame in any of this. It's normal.

It took me a very long and painful years to figure this stuff out. Most of the help I received was useless because I never had the luxury of sitting down with someone who understood what I was going through.

I was never told what anxiety was, why it had taken over my life, and what I could do to get my life back.

These programs will provide you with the tools and support required to completely transform your relationship with anxiety.

I’ve read hundreds of books, taken dozens of courses, and made almost every mistake imaginable as I amassed a whole lot of wisdom on one of the most crippling conditions we face in society today.

As Gandhi said...

“Knowledge gained through experience is far superior and many times more useful than bookish knowledge."

These programs will teach you all the good stuff, and you'll have my support every step of the way. Each program is designed for you to complete in your own time, the recommended time for each program is two month (except Anxiety Boot Camp Membership because each month new programs are added to it), but you’ll begin to feel better immediately.

Due to my experience and all I've learned, I'm now on a mission to help as many people as I possibly can from a life torn apart due to anxiety.

I guarantee if you commit just one hour a day over the next two months, you will experience a significant improvement to your anxiety. And if you continue to do the work, you'll begin to experience magic you might not think is possible right now.

I know an hour a day over two months might sound like a lot, but it's only a blink of an eye when you compare it to the time you stand to lose. And you'll begin to feel better much sooner than that.

Now's the time to do the work. To experience real freedom from anxiety—you have to change your relationship with it.

These programs are only for those committed to changing their relationship with anxiety and doing the work.

These programs are for you, if you want:

  • To simplify your recovery.
  • Full support from someone who's been through it all and successfully helped many people before transform their relationship with anxiety.
  • A private community of like-minded individuals supporting each other.
  • Accountability.
  • A safe environment to do the work.
  • A greater understanding of your anxiety and where it comes from.
  • Tools to forgive and move forward with your life.
  • A better understanding of your emotions.
  • Tools to better manage and control your emotions and stress levels.

I've made all the mistakes for you. And I learned all my lessons the hard way. It cost me thousands of pounds and years of life to figure this stuff out.

You don't have to make the same mistakes I did. These programs will ensure it, and in doing so, significantly reduce your anxiety and improve your quality of life.

It's that simple. And it comes with no-risk because if you don't consider this to be a good investment, I'll refund you all your money. No questions asked.

Get started on your journey to a healthier, less anxious life today